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Bringing your own brand to life with the help of moving pictures and individual sound

In times of digitalisation - networking and user-generated content - moving pictures with videos, animation and livestreams play an important role. 

Thanks to pictures in motion and customised matching sound, stories can be told clearer and emotions can be conveyed more directly.

As a creative digital agency, we are used to creating multi-channel storytelling as well as the production of image movies, product movies and extensive advertisement movies. Depending on the storyboard of the movie, we then create a web design, a digital advertise campaign up to real life events.

With the increase of bandwidths and speed to date, it has become possible to display up to five movies at once without delay on a website. Therefore the case studies of Grand Resort Bad RagazDCtron or Boesch Boats represent all the possibilities.

  • Movie to web
  • Storyboard
  • Storytelling
  • Movie production 
  • Advertisements 
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Animations & motion graphics



Because every picture tells a story.

Photography focuses on the essentials of your brand. That's why we create emotional concepts and connect them with your brand to place them ideally on the market. 

Product photography is the art of presenting your brand from its best side. To achieve that, every single detail of your product, that needs to be captured, will get the required attention. The results are clean, clear and present your product at its best angle, colour and lighting. 

In our studio, big products such as boats, cars, motorbikes, or other vehicles and even up to small macro shots can be implemented. The equipment in the studio for controlled and artificial lights are assigned to the professional requirements of the photographer.

Furthermore, the studio of Racerfish is accessed by big ground-level gates. 


Here you can find projects involving product- and food photography: Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 TeamBenci Brothers and Sora Sushi.

  • Own studio set
  • Product photography
  • Portrait shooting
  • Food photography
  • Macro photography
  • Movie production
  • Mobile studio





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